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Mexican Shrimp Boil

Wild Mexican shrimp, chorizo, corn, and potatoes


Caesar salad with creamy garlic dressing, shaved asiago cheese, and romaine lettuce

Side One

Scallop ceviche with preserved lemon, serrano chiles, basil, Marcona almonds, and olive oil

Side Two

Heirloom beans with smoky bacon and roasted garlic

Side Three

Cilantro rice with peas, carrots, red onion, and grilled corn

Side Four

Cactus slaw with carrots, fennel, jicama, red  onion, and line vinaigrette


chile de arbol hot sauce

smoked serrano aioli

chile-garlic butter


Key Lime Tart in a Jar

Key lime curd, tropical salsa, white chocolate cream

Please note: We are unable to alter the menu to accommodate food allergies and preferences.

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